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Yalova city tour: The driver will wait for you in his vehicle in front of the hotel in Istanbul at nine o'clock in the morning, then head to the port to take the ferry to Yalova, crossing the Sea of ​​Marmara, and after the ferry journey that takes about an hour, he travels to Yalova city center and then heads to visit the countryside and the green mountains. . After a day in which you spent the charming nature beauty on a tour of Yalova, outside the city and the most important tourist places in the city, you depart to the port in the evening to catch the ferry and go to Istanbul. What is not hidden from anyone is the great importance of sulfur water and its great benefits to the human body, the sulfur water plant in Yalova provides this unique opportunity thanks to the family bath with sulfur water and also the presence of a public swimming pool with sulfur water in the middle of a dense forest. From tall trees and mountain plants, there is also a hotel and some restaurants and cafes for more enjoyment, privacy, relaxation and sporting activities in this area. Corniche and Yalova market trip to Yalova Yalova Corniche overlooks the Marmara Sea and is close to the city center, as it includes many distinctive restaurants and cafes serving seafood, as well as many public parks spread along the Corniche and places dedicated to children's games and various sports activities.


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